17-18-19-20-21 Luglio
 Centro Città

ITA La musica dei The Blasting Company racchiude influenze delle musica popolare Europea dell’est mescolate assieme a sonorità  tipiche del Nord America. Il risultato è un jazz nuovo ed esuberante la cui energia viene sprigionata durante le imperdibili esibizioni dal vivo.

EN While strong inflections rich in Eastern European folk tradition are identifiable, their music possesses a “here and now” sensibility, drawn from genres rooted in North America. It is music that is original in style, and combines a consistent jazz groove with an infectious exuberance that propels it forward, like a funeral band blasting through the streets of New Orleans returning from ‘setting the body free’. The effect that The Blasting Company has on their audience is evident. With an electricity rarely felt, even in live performance, it is the very definition of ‘good time music’ and it is entertainment at its best.